Sphera Solutions

A message from Paul Marushka, CEO

We are excited to share that earlier this morning Sphera announced its acquisition of Rivo Software. Rivo operates a cloud-based environmental, health, safety, and risk management platform.

With an innovative suite of mobile solutions—operated through apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms—Rivo helps some of the world’s best-known brands manage incidents, audits and inspections, corrective actions, and other corporate risk and compliance reporting.

A recognized leader in the health and safety market, Rivo’s software is designed to provide visibility and control over enterprise-wide risk, ensuring businesses can be resilient in today's global operating environment.

The acquisition of Rivo serves to immediately expand Sphera’s portfolio of cloud-based applications, enhance our breadth of health and safety software solutions and services, and further increase our global presence. It will also help accelerate Sphera’s development of cloud-based product features and functionality, playing a key role in helping Sphera advance operational excellence through integrated risk management.

As the industry leader, we believe it is critical to continue innovating and expanding our world-class, on-premise products while also expanding our portfolio of cloud-based solutions. With Rivo’s technology, Sphera now has the unique ability to offer customers the optimal flexibility—with both on-premise and cloud-based software options for managing risk and compliance. Sphera will be able to offer a more robust and rewarding user experience that is cloud-based and mobile.

The benefits derived from this transaction are reflective of our commitment to delivering ever-greater value to our customers and by extension our global partners. It represents yet another step forward for Sphera in making good on our commitment to keep people safe, products sustainable and operations productive.

We invite you to visit spherasolutions.com/rivo where you can view my video message, read the news release and learn more about this exciting chapter for our organization and our relationship with you.

In the coming days we will be reaching out to many of you directly to further explain what this great news specifically means for you and your company. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns. Our number one priority is to continue serving you with our industry leading products and services.

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