SpheraCloud™ is a global cloud-based software platform that manages operational, environmental, health, safety & risk data. SpheraCloud™ involves the right people at the right time, and delivers powerful insight, visibility and control. This visibility and control help businesses manage risk, drive efficiency and create the resilience needed for growth. SpheraCloud™ is built for high-user adoption, complex and fast data analysis, and extensive software or device integrations.

SpheraCloud™ solution provides individual modules representing different business processes for each activity to capture relevant information, analyse and define corrective actions, synchronize information, enable effective information sharing and reporting across all of the governance, risk and compliance activities by the workforce, any time, anywhere, on any device and regardless of connectivity.

SpheraCloud™ is an industry recognized software platform that helps some of the world's best-known brands manage risk (enterprise and operational) and compliance. No matter the size of your business, how many sites you have, or where they're located, SpheraCloud™ can be configured to work exactly the way you need.


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SpheraCloud™ is delivered as a fully hosted 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) application, accessed securely via the internet through browsers and native mobile applications. This facilitates access to a central repository of key data, workflow and reporting for domestic and international organizations with dispersed locations and employees.



Key benefits of SpheraCloud™

  1. Quickly identify risk and hazards across your organization
  2. Standardize risk assessments so you can compare sites and divisions
  3. View risk data in real time, the way you need to see it
  4. Save time by creating 'Centralised libraries' unique to your organization
  5. Manage risk from a central location to ensure a coherent response
  6. Use of geo-maps to highlight and identify risk hotspots
  7. Automatically 'roll up' risk scores across all levels to save time and effort
  8. Multi-languages support
  9. Universal App for iOS, Android, and Windows
  10. Automatic Workflow and communication
  11. GPS, GIS, Geo/hot spot mapping
  12. ODS (Operational Data Storage) analytics and predictive trends
  13. System Integrations to 3rd party systems




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