SpheraCloud™ ANALYTICS

Real-time insights from across your organization

SpheraCloudTM Analytics delivers powerful and flexible reports and charts to help you understand what's driving current performance, dissect past performance and spot emerging trends. Get real-time insights using data from SpheraCloud™ applications and third-party systems to make sure you're always well-informed.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Create configurable dashboards and charts
  • Visualize data exactly as you want it
  • Use fewer, more powerful charts
  • Collaborate, annotate, share and export charts
  • Drill down and analyse current and historical data
  • Handle big data collected in real-time environments

Charts that are easy to interpret

Even new users are quickly able to come to grips with your business data in SpheraCloud. Our charts are so user-friendly that you can even add handy shortcut buttons to return to the original chart (after you've edited it) or export the chart.

View any data any way you want

SpheraCloud™ works with your business data — regardless of the source or format. Slice and dice the data as you see fit, and present it at the right level of granularity for you. For example, you can view your data at a local, national, global, team or functional level.

Powerful, flexible charts

In some EHS or Risk applications, you need dozens of report templates to create the charts you need, so just finding the right report template is a challenge. SpheraCloud™ helps you escape all that hassle by providing far fewer yet far more flexible and configurable reports.

Collaborate, annotate, share and export

Charts in SpheraCloud™ Analytics can be annotated and shared across your organization for collaboration or escalation. You can also export your charts to Microsoft Excel for use in reports.

Compelling data visualization

We want your data to make for compelling viewing, so we built visualization tools like geo-mapping into our app. You can also add risk event records and perform trend analysis in real time, and then share the results.

Big & Little Data

SpheraCloud™ was developed to help you collect data in real time from any source, so you can make up-to-the-minute business decisions whether you're collecting a few data points every day or several thousand an hour.

Drill down and analyse

SpheraCloud™ provides dynamic drill-down functionality within our charts so you can figure out what's driving a trend or home in on a particular time, geography or division without switching to a different report.

Insightful dashboards

SpheraCloud™ allows you to create and configure compelling dashboards so all of your key metrics, whether they're from one SpheraCloud™ application or multiple applications, are available on one screen.




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