Automated audit and inspection management for visibility, control and governance

SpheraCloud™ Audits & Inspections eases the administrative burden of the audit and inspection process by automating standard tasks across your organization. You can schedule audits, capture nonconformances, gather supporting evidence and compile ad hoc or regular reports using our comprehensive, intuitive platform and mobile apps that work online or offline on any device. In addition, SpheraCloud™'s Portal capability enables you to access the Audits & Inspections functionality without the need to provide login credentials, which is ideal for contractor use.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Carry out audits and inspections offline where the signal is low/unavailable
  • Automate audit planning and scheduling
  • Identify and record nonconformances and hazards
  • Assign actions to quickly mitigate risks
  • Upload photos and other files from any device
  • Identify trends and hotspots from flexible reports and dashboards
  • Have one central solution and audit trail
  • Create customized workflows

Automate audit planning and scheduling

SpheraCloud™ helps you select where, what, when and who you're going to audit or inspect, so you can plan effectively. The automated scheduling system then takes care of all the emails, calendar updates and notifications for you.

Capture evidence in the moment

SpheraCloud™ is designed to work on almost any Android or iOs device. This means you can instantly capture accurate evidence (including photos) at the scene, and directly upload it to SpheraCloud™.

Identify trends from audit data

SpheraCloud™ stores all your audit data centrally in the cloud, so together with your Analytics app, you can analyse both current and historic data to identify trends and inform decisions on how to mitigate any risks.

Automated nonconformance alerts

SpheraCloud™ uses automated alerts so whether you're an employee or contractor you'll hear about nonconformances as soon as they're raised.

Assign Corrective and Preventive Actions on the go

SpheraCloud™'s mobile capability means you can log a nonconformance and assign corrective and preventive actions there and then — on the shop floor, in the office or at a client's facilities.

One central audit trail

Say goodbye to document versioning, sending update emails and having to save to the right network drive. SpheraCloud™ stores a single version and helps you assign access roles to keep everyone on the same page.

Increase productivity by identifying risk sooner

SpheraCloud™ helps you ensure that all nonconformances and risks identified in your audit and inspection processes are logged, so you can act before you need to shut down operations and stall productivity.

Identify problem hotspots

SpheraCloud™ uses geo-maps to help you identify non-conformance hotspots. Presenting the data in a map view helps make it more digestible at a glance, so management can quickly pinpoint problem areas.

Intuitive and completely configurable

We've made our interface so intuitive that it doesn't require training to use. Our workflow is entirely configurable and even works offline for when you're out of range.

Flexible reports that work for you

SpheraCloud™ analytics for reporting your information is presented in a clean, easily digestible format that shows you exactly what you need to know.




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