Drive global compliance for stronger governance and improved performance

SpheraCloud™ Compliance is an end- to-end compliance management solution for regulations, corporate policies, reporting frameworks and registers of contractors or assets. It helps you break down lengthy, highly complex documents into manageable obligations and requirements, which can then be assigned to teams or individuals.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Manage regulatory compliance locally and globally
  • Automate the management and administration behind compliance
  • Manage compliance for any part of your business regardless of industry
  • View your obligations locally and globally at a glance
  • Highlight non-compliance hotspots
  • Implement corrective actions to tackle non-compliances
  • Drive efficiency gains by increasing visibility of workloads and avoiding duplication of data collection

Make sense of complex regulations

You can quickly break down national or local regulations to individual, actionable obligations and requirements to help you understand at a glance what you need to do to become or remain compliant.

Embed organizational accountability

We've made it straightforward to assign ownership to each and every obligation that makes up your regulation requirements. Doing this means you can reinforce a culture of accountability.

Monitor compliance performance

Identify underperforming areas of your business using geomaps of non-compliances. Then use other SpheraCloud™ applications such as Audits & Inspections and Actions & Remediation to establish the underlying issues and address them.

Consolidate your compliance

SpheraCloud™ helps you understand and manage all of your compliance obligations from one central source. This ensures managers and directors of each function (e.g., legal, HR, Finance, Operations) have full visibility of the compliance obligations on their teams so they can allocate resources effectively.

Define easy- to- monitor registers

SpheraCloud™ Compliance enables users to define registers of contractors, people, assets, hazardous substances or other entities. Each of these entities can have actions, risks, incidents, documents, audits or inspections assigned to them to drive compliance through visibility and control.

Bring clarity to compliance

Understanding what everyone's role is within compliance will help encourage stronger overall governance. With SpheraCloud™ you can always be clear on how a regulation obligation is being handled, and by whom.

Improve operational efficiency

Use SpheraCloud™ Compliance to identify and remove any overlaps in data collection to ensure each piece of data is collected once and then used multiple times as needed.




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