SpheraCloud™ DOCS & POLICIES

Secured, controlled and simple document policy management

We've created SpheraCloud™ Docs & Policies is a flexible and easy-to-use app that helps you control how employees across your business can access, acknowledge and sign off on key internal documents and policies. Using our system, you can always be sure people have access to the most up-to-date version or the version most relevant to them.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Store all your documents in a safe, secure and reliable central location
  • Have full ability to search for and locate all document versions and variants
  • Upload, publish and distribute all documents on a customizable workflow
  • Find out whether important documents were read and track the data
  • Have complete version control on all documents, including custom versions
  • Have a full audit trail for the lifetime of the document and versions

Centrally store documents & policies

Keep everything under one roof in the cloud so it's always accessible no matter where you are or what device you're using. Documents are much more likely to be up-to-date and much less likely to get lost this way.

Get complete version control

Store one central version of your documents and policies, and archive previous versions, so you can be sure everyone has the latest copy. You can also refer to previous versions.

Management publication approval

To make sure that changes or publication of potentially sensitive documents is effectively controlled, you can switch on a management approval workflow to make sure all documents are signed off before going live.

Staff only see what's relevant to them

SpheraCloud™ Documents and Policies ensures that videos, policies and documents can be targeted to only the people that need to see them. We've built in tracking so you can look at engagement and readership figures to understand what's being read.

Limit access to confidential files

We've included secure access rights, so, where applicable, you can stop staff from viewing confidential documents that they shouldn't have access to. Our instant alerts help you share only relevant information to relevant people.

Integrate content with other apps

All our apps work together to form an entire product suite. You can share documents, policies, videos and other content across the rest of the SpheraCloud™ apps to make sure that relevant information is shared where it's needed most.

An audit trail for full traceability

SpheraCloud™'s fully automated audit trail feature will help you check who edited a document or policy, what they changed and when they changed it.




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