SpheraCloud™ INCIDENTS

Reduce incident rates while responding quickly and confidently

SpheraCloud™ Incidents helps you manage operational safety so your risks remain visible and under control. You can report, manage and analyse incidents, near-misses and other risk events in a single easy-to-use platform. Our portal capability and mobile apps allow everyone working for your organization (from employees to contractors) to report incidents and near-misses online or offline, from any device, and all without the need to provide login credentials.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Report incidents, near-misses and hazards offline where the signal is low/unavailable
  • Be compliant with regulations such as RIDDOR and OSHA
  • Report incidents, near-misses or risk from any device
  • Ensure the right people are notified about incidents
  • Investigate incidents, establish the root causes and analyze trends
  • Save time by automating repeatable tasks using smart alerts, reminders and risk aggregation
  • Produce compelling management reports using geo-maps, heat maps and flexible reporting templates

Instantly tell the right people about incidents

When an incident happens it's important that the right people know about it quickly. SpheraCloud™ uses automated real-time alerts, so whether you're at your desk or on a mobile device, you'll always be in the loop.

Everything under one roof, not multiple apps

SpheraCloud™ offers a complete end-to-end solution from incident reporting, to investigations, root-cause analysis and dashboards. SpheraCloud™ can also integrate with other enterprise systems through our API.

Drive a continuous improvement culture

Protect your organization from future incidents by using SpheraCloud™ to analyse your incident and near-miss data as well as perform trend and root-cause analysis.

A system that works for you

SpheraCloud™ moulds itself to the way you manage operational safety. Everything from alerts and workflow through to investigations and root-cause analysis can be configured so whether you use 5-whys, Taproot, Topset or something else, SpheraCloud™ can meet your needs.

Understand and respond to incidents

Using SpheraCloud™, your team can report incidents and upload photos using their mobile or tablet devices. That means you're alerted to incidents quicker which allows you to respond faster.

Use geomaps to identify incident hotspots

We've built geo-mapping into SpheraCloud™ as standard for near-miss and incident reporting to enable reporting and trend analytics for every site in your organization. This helps you understand incident and risk on both global and local scales.

Encourage anonymous whistle-blowing

With SpheraCloud™, your staff can anonymously report incidents or risks relating to safety, security or sustainability. Meanwhile, you and your team can carry out an investigation without knowing the whistle-blower's identity.

Collect the evidence you need

Our solution fits neatly into both internal and external applications and allows incident reporters to simply upload photos or documents to support their claims. SpheraCloud™ then notifies the relevant people in your organization to initiate the investigation.

Offline functionality for remote locations

SpheraCloud™'s offline mode allows you to complete incident reports offline on your mobile or tablet device and then sync once you have internet access. That means incident data is still captured while it's fresh in your mind.

Real-time dashboards for an "at-a-glance" view

SpheraCloud™ allows any contractor or employee to view real-time dashboards that summarize key metrics. This enables them to keep up with how their team, site or division is performing without running complex reports or editing spreadsheets.




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