Integrate, monitor and consolidate to make your big data, smart data

The SpheraCloud™ Monitoring & Testing application takes the pain out of data collection and monitoring across your organization. Our app will integrate with any equipment or device with an API so you can automatically record, monitor, calculate, analyze and report on emissions or other environmental impacts and remain compliant.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Collect data from almost any source
  • Use charts to view data in real time and in a format that works for you
  • Trigger an automated alert when a parameter exceeds limit values
  • Automatically turn raw data into insightful KPls
  • Identify trends and figure out what's driving them
  • Aggregate data for compliance or voluntary reporting

Automatic data collection

We've saved you huge amounts of time and effort by making sure SpheraCloud™ can be integrated with other data sources. There'll be no need for duplicated effort since SpheraCloud™ can manage all your data under one roof.

Painless manual data input

For those times when you do have to input data manually, we've made that a smooth process as well. Our forms will be pre-populated with key information such as your name and location to save you from having to type them.

Streamline and standardize datasets

Different sites will inevitably collect data in different units, especially where you're a multinational organization. SpheraCloud™'s Monitoring & Testing application can reduce the risk of errors by automatically processing the conversions to standardize these datasets.

Automatically calculate KPls

SpheraCloud™ can be set up so the raw data you collect is automatically processed to calculate metrics or KPls. You'll be able to save time and effort as well as reduce the risk of embarrassing calculation errors.

Collect & aggregate data

Monitoring & Testing is all about complying with regulatory obligations. SpheraCloud™ has been designed to help you aggregate the data you're collecting to help you see at a glance if you're meeting local and national obligations.

Identify problem hot spots

We visualize your data to help you understand it at a glance. Powerful tools such as geo mapping help you identify problem hot spots and drive performance improvements in different locations.

Alert the right people every time

The automatic notifications in SpheraCloud™ help you alert the right people in your organization and escalate any situation as necessary. This is important to help you take fast, appropriate action if something unusual does occur.




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