SpheraCloud™ RISKS

Identify risks earlier, mitigate them sooner.


Complete visibility

We've created SpheraCloud™ Risks to transform how you manage risk by bringing corporate and operational risk into a single application. That provides you with complete, companywide visibility of hazards, risks and risk assessments. This means you can spot trends earlier and implement corrective and preventive actions faster.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Quickly identify risk and hazards across your organization
  • Standardize risk assessments so you can compare sites and divisions
  • View risk data in real time — the way you need to see it
  • Save time by creating a hazard library unique to your organization
  • Manage risk from a central location to ensure a coherent response
  • Use geomaps to highlight and identify risk hotspots
  • Automatically roll up risk scores across all levels to save time and effort

Manage all your risk centrally

Manage all your company's risk — however it's identified — in one central application to ensure a measured and coherent response. You'll get full visibility of all corporate and operational risk regardless of the level it's at.

Understand risk at any level

View and analyse risks at any level, including: local, regional, team and companywide. You can then tailor a response to mitigate these risks and deal with them centrally or locally.

Identify risk hotspots

Our geo-mapping feature helps you identify problem areas by looking at both location and function. You can then employ other SpheraCloud™ applications such as Actions & Remediation or Monitoring & Testing to help implement control measures and mitigate the risk.

Standardize your risk assessment process

SpheraCloud™ helps you automatically standardize how you carry out risk assessment across your organization. You'll always be using best practice as well as getting a consistent global view of risk.

Manage risk more efficiently

We've kept data entry to a minimum and made the whole process quicker by automatically populating where you are, who you are and other key facts.

Keep the right people in the loop

We've put escalation and notification at the heart of SpheraCloud™ Risks. You can make the right people aware of obligations or emerging risks using our activity stream, email alerts and exportable reports.

Create a hazard library unique to your organization

SpheraCloud™ Risks helps you build your own custom hazard library over time. This means you can save time and effort entering in the same hazard types for each risk assessment. SpheraCloud™ will pre-populate certain form fields for you.

Automatically roll up risk scores across all levels

SpheraCloud™ Risks can automatically aggregate risk scores to present a site, region or business-unit risk rating, which helps managers prioritize and allocate resources for control measures.




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