Ensure the right people have the right skills in the right place at the right time

We've created SpheraCloud™ Training & Competence to help you easily monitor and manage training needs across your organization. By automating many of the regular tasks such as course scheduling, alerts and reminders we've taken the pain out of day-to-day tasks so you can focus on business planning and strategizing.

SpheraCloud™ will help you

  • Create a companywide training strategy
  • Understand your training needs at a global and local level
  • Maintain an internal training record for each employee
  • Plan training courses or individual sessions and track attendance
  • Enable staff to search for training courses and apply to attend
  • Send automatic reminders to staff and line managers when training is due to expire

Create a companywide strategy

Get a central, global view of training needs in different departments and geographies so you can plan budgets and resources effectively and understand how your training needs are likely to evolve in the future.

Identify & resolve urgent training gaps

Use SpheraCloud™ to identify who doesn't have the right training to keep you compliant, or whose training is about to expire, and plan to schedule the training they need.

Store internal training records

Store a central training record on file for each employee, so you know exactly what training each person has had, when they had it, and when they're due for an update.

Plan internal training

We've made it easy for you to plan when and where courses will happen and who attends them. You can drill down and create individual training sessions and track them to see who attends each one.

Help staff understand their training

In SpheraCloud™ Training & Competence your staff can quickly see which courses they're enrolled in, what other course are available and then apply so they're empowered to drive their own personal development.

Send automatic reminders

SpheraCloud™ automatically takes the pain out of managing complex training needs by alerting the right managers to potential competency-based risks and reminding employees to undertake their training.

Automatically circulate feedback assessments

Once a staff member has been confirmed as attending a training course and the course is completed, the SpheraCloud™ Training and Competence application will automatically send them a feedback assessment. It helps reduce the administrative burden and ensures feedback is requested straight after the course when it's fresh in people's minds.




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